Crystec United Kingdom

Crystec applies the latest supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to improve the design and performance of medicines. We provide crystal and particle engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, contributing to human health by enabling new and more effective therapies. Crystec’s modified supercritical anti-solvent (mSAS) technology can be applied to small and large drug molecules in a range of dosage forms.

Our services include crystal form screening and particle design (including composite particles and co-crystals), addressing issues of poor solubility and stability, improved delivery, and product enhancement in support of lifecycle management. Our process is scaled to GMP manufacturing levels. We are also engaged in in-house programmes to develop improved products and currently have licensing opportunities available in several therapeutic areas, including urge incontinence and fungal infections.

The first product based on SCF technology is expected to launch this year. It is an inhaled product for migraine, exploiting the benefits SCF processing brings to enable exceptional particle size control and deep lung deposition. The particle design and scale-up to GMP for this product were managed by members of the Crystec team.

If you are interested in understanding how mSAS could accelerate your product development, contact us for more information –

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Ms Catherine Hunter
Business Development Director 

Datatrial United Kingdom

Datatrial was founded as a technology company in 1999 with a focus on developing software that would improve the clinical research process. Our goal today remains to allow you to realise the benefits of speedy, real-time access to information helping you to identify, gather and respond to any actions and issues as quickly as possible.

With an in-house team of developers continually improving our products we will ensure we have a simple solution to offer you for all your clinical research needs.

Datatrial Nucleus

Nucleus is a collaboration tool that brings people, applications and documents together in a single compliant environment. Unlike other vendors in our space, the platform is software agnostic allowing inclusion of other third party solutions. Access can be achieved via single sign on or addition of the relevant link within the Nucleus platform. This enables us to include any number of technologies that may be of value to our customers whilst being aware of industry and legal requirements around data and privacy. With the move towards patient centred research, Nucleus can also provide a place where patients can see their data and also communicate with the key people working in their trial.


Collect, manage and report on your clinical data from a single, scalable system. Whether at the very start or nearing the end of your trial, nowEDC will increase your visibility of the data your sites are working hard to collect, providing you with clean, consistently reliable data.

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Ms Amy Wright
Strategic Services Manager 
Ms Emma Banks

Health Innovation Manchester United Kingdom

"Health Innovation Manchester is an Academic Health Science System (AHSS) established to drive proven innovation into health and social care services at pace.

Our role is to seek out and bring forward a constant flow of (industry led) innovations,..."

Mr Arjun Sikand
Commerical Director 

High Force Research United Kingdom

Established in 1988, High Force Research is proud to remain a truly independent UK chemistry CRO. HFR collaborates with discovery groups in synthesising new materials for proof-of-concept studies and in process development on the route to market. In segregated cGMP facilities, HFR produces from grammes to multi-kilos of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and their intermediates for pre-clinical studies and early clinical trials.

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Dr Stella James
Head of Business Development 

IAG, Image Analysis Group United Kingdom

Image Analysis Group is a strategic partner to bio-pharmaceutical companies developing new treatments to improve patients’ lives. IAG broadly leverages its core imaging expertise, proprietary technology platform DYNAMIKA and capabilities to support an objective early go no/ go decision and drive excellence for tomorrow’s innovative therapeutic agents with speed.

IDACO Consulting United Kingdom

IDACO Consulting Limited is a solution-oriented consultancy with a specific focus on supporting companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Life Science and Healthcare sectors.
Using our pre-clinical and clinical expertise, along with an extensive network of academic, outsourcing and commercial contacts, we support the development and commercialisation of bio-pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Our service offering includes:

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Healthcare Consulting

    ·   Pre-Clinical & Clinical Development
    ·   Strategy Development & Implementation
    ·   Medical Affairs,  Medical Education & Market Access Support
    ·   Regulatory & Post-Approval Services

Technical Due Diligence, Gap Analysis & Remediation

Business Development

    ·   ‚ÄčSourcing Collaborative & Licensing Opportunities
    ·   Providing Out-Licensing Support
    ·   Bridging Academia to Industry and Industry to Academia

‚ÄčIDACO Consulting also supports clients who are looking to identify new opportunities for collaboration and licensing through its extensive and purpose-built network of technology transfer and business developments contacts. We have access to over 400 universities and research institutions across 26 European countries.

Mr Ian Cox

Inivata United Kingdom

Inivata is a global clinical cancer genomics company utilizing a proprietary, industry-leading liquid biopsy platform to transform patient care.  Using a simple blood test (liquid biopsy), the analysis of ctDNA is a new lower-cost, less invasive, highly sensitive method for oncologists to diagnose and monitor cancer progression and treatment. The InVision™ liquid biopsy platform, based on pioneering research from the Rosenfeld Lab at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK-CI), University of Cambridge, combines industry-leading sensitivity with a select multi-gene panel to provide clinically actionable information to clinicians. Inivata has established collaborations with world-leading cancer centers and academic institutions, and is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  The Company has a CLIA lab in Research Triangle Park, NC and laboratories in Cambridge, UK. For more information, please go to Follow us on Twitter @Inivata.

Dr John Beeler
VP Corporate and Business Development 
Miss Karen Chandler-Smith
Business Development and Marketing 

Karma Oncology Ltd United Kingdom

Karma Oncology Ltd. is a specialized oncology clinical development company, working for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries globally. From the preparation of clinical development plans through design, set up, monitoring, management and reporting of clinical trials, Karma Oncology provides a bespoke service.

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Dr Karen Williams
Mrs Tracey Hamill
Clinical Project Manager/Business Development Manager 

Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse United Kingdom

Exhibiting at booth 83/84

The Northern Powerhouse is home to over 15 million people, a quarter of the UK population, and 13.3% of the UK’s Gross Value Add.

The North of England is home to a vibrant and well connected industrial, academic and clinical health and life sciences ecosystem and is home to nearly 25% of all life sciences businesses in the UK:

  • 1,100 life science businesses employing more than 40,000 highly skilled people.
  • £17.5bn annual contribution to the UK economy.
  • 44% of all UK pharmaceutical exports.
  • The North’s N8 universities have an annual income of £1.2bn a year, generating £12.2bn and creating 119,000 jobs.
  • 570,000 employed in health sciences across the North – 7.5% of the region’s workforce.
  • Leading the UK in clinical trials delivery including the only real-world clinical trial - the Salford Lung Study.
  • Home to global brands (including AstraZeneca, GSK, Eli Lilly, Procter & Gamble, Medimmune, Allergan, Unilever, Sanofi Aventis, Smith and Nephew, Johnson and Johnson and many more).

The Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse delegation at BioEurope 2017 consists of representatives from academic, business and clinical communities and includes: Aptus Clinical, Alderley Park, Health Innovation Manchester, Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services and Northern Health Science Alliance which has been brought together by Bionow and the Northern Health Science Alliance.

Websites: and

Mr Jake Dickinson
Data Analyst 

Medherant United Kingdom

Medherant is a leading developer of next-generation transdermal drug delivery patches.

Transdermal delivery of drugs from a patch provides better control of the dose than achieved with gels, ointments and creams.  However, the currently available technologies limit the types of drugs that can be used and the quantities that can be loaded into the patch.  Medherant’s TEPI Patch® is formulated with a novel polymer adhesive that is mixed with the drug.

One of the key advantages of the TEPI Patch® technology is that a greater quantity of drug can be blended with the adhesive.  This enables lower potency drugs to be formulated as a patch and provides the opportunity to increase the dose of drugs already administered via a patch.  The TEPI Patch® also provides a better experience for the user as it does not leave a residue around the patch – referred to as ‘cold flow’ – and has excellent adhesion whilst still being easy and painless to remove.

Medherant is developing its own TEPI Patch® products and working with third parties to assess the suitability of the technology for their drugs.  

The Company expects to earn revenues from licensing both its products and its technology for use with specific drugs.

Dr Andrew Lee
Director of Commercial Development 
Mr Nigel Davis