Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse United Kingdom

Exhibiting at booth 83/84

The Northern Powerhouse is home to over 15 million people, a quarter of the UK population, and 13.3% of the UK’s Gross Value Add.

The North of England is home to a vibrant and well connected industrial, academic and clinical health and life sciences ecosystem and is home to nearly 25% of all life sciences businesses in the UK:

  • 1,100 life science businesses employing more than 40,000 highly skilled people.
  • £17.5bn annual contribution to the UK economy.
  • 44% of all UK pharmaceutical exports.
  • The North’s N8 universities have an annual income of £1.2bn a year, generating £12.2bn and creating 119,000 jobs.
  • 570,000 employed in health sciences across the North – 7.5% of the region’s workforce.
  • Leading the UK in clinical trials delivery including the only real-world clinical trial - the Salford Lung Study.
  • Home to global brands (including AstraZeneca, GSK, Eli Lilly, Procter & Gamble, Medimmune, Allergan, Unilever, Sanofi Aventis, Smith and Nephew, Johnson and Johnson and many more).

The Life Sciences in the Northern Powerhouse delegation at BioEurope 2017 consists of representatives from academic, business and clinical communities and includes: Aptus Clinical, Alderley Park, Health Innovation Manchester, Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services and Northern Health Science Alliance which has been brought together by Bionow and the Northern Health Science Alliance.

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Mr Jake Dickinson
Data Analyst